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"En spennende og lærerik opplevelse for både hunden min og meg. Tre timers jobb, med en dedikert, rolig og svært dyktig fotograf, gjorde opplevelsen til en fantastisk ettermiddag i skogen. Dette resulterte i varierte og flotte bilder som vi nå har masse glede av. Actionbilder, badebilder og bilder i forskjellige omgivelser med et veldig godt lys, sørget for at bildene får vist frem alle sider av hunden vår sin personlighet. Vil gjerne ha en fotoshoot senere igjen, og vil anbefale alle å gjøre det samme!"
Marit Jonsdatter Ramstad, August 2019

"Lisbeth is taking pictures regularly at my dog school. She knows exactly which pictures I wish to have of my dog students. She captures natural moments of the dog. I also like her application that she sends to all my dog students with the pictures. Always a great experience."
Sylvie Neis, June 2019

"Lisbeth has a unique ability to capture the personality of the dogs she is photographing. With immense care and effort to catch the best angles, movement and light, we have spent many joyous moments in the forests around Luxembourg with our respective dogs, with Lisbeth lying on the ground (and mud!) with her camera, capturing the magic of the moment. The wonderful photos I shall treasure always are testimony to Lisbeth's skills and talent."
Carina Hellemaa, April 2019

"Very patient and sympathetic photographer. the photos are just awesome. You can see the character of the dogs in the pictures and I will work with them again and again. They are absolutely recommendable. I'm in love with all the pictures I got from her. Satisfaction guarantee."
Becker Cindy, April 2019

"One of the most professional and independent photographers I have had the pleasure to work with. Got some incredible photos of my dog and she is very kind and lovely with the animals she works with. Definitely recommending."
Anouk Wolfram, February 2019

"Working with Lisbeth has been the best experience I have ever had with a photographer.  One thing specifically that separates her from the rest is her attention to detail.  She is very professional and talented while maintaining a genuinely positive demeanour throughout. I described what kind of photos I was hoping to achieve and she went above and beyond my expectations.  I now have the beautiful pieces of art to display in my home forever.  She did a wonderful work…. Thanks"
Christine Kaluza-Spautz, February 2019

"Lisbeth is an amazing person and photographer.
She is very relaxed and the shoots are always done in a very cheerful and friendly atmosphere both for dog and owner. Each time we have an amazing time with her !!
It’s a great experience and good training practice.
On top of that, she really gets the dog’s personality out in her shoots. Can only recommend, again and again."
Covi Fuente, October 2018

"Lisbeth captures the soul of the dog as well as the beauty of the surroundings. I've known Lisbeth for 30 odd years, and she is a kind and generous person, and she cares deeply for both dogs and people! I think her photography reflects her personality. We had the most delightful photoshoot with my son's Westie puppy, and we loved the photos. We'll certainly do another shoot when the pup is grown too, it was so much fun!"
Lisbeth - you're the best!
Kristin Haagestad, September 2018

"This wonderful lady gives up her time to help these dogs in the pound in Mallorca , she manages to get that perfect photo that makes you look twice ...thank you so much Lisbeth ..."
Lynda Commons Mitchell,  September 2018

"On behalf of my sister Lina Mertz: Lisbeth’s photos are nothing short from magic. We have had 4 photoshoots so far and each time we are left in complete awe of the results. The shoots are very fun and the dogs are always in their natural environment, running around, rolling in mud, and Lisbeth rolls with them! We have a bernese mountain dog and a toypoodle. two breeds of complete opposite physical characteristics and behaviour.Lisbeth catches the harmony between the two, like two pieces of a puzzle. I have nothing but praise for Lisbeth, her work speaks for itself, and she is also the most warm and wonderful person you’ll come across."
Lina and Roby Mertz, September 2018

"Lisbeth is a natural - with the camera and with animals. Her photos are just the way I like them, and the way I prefer pets to be, natural, playful, genuine and not too groomed. That’s because she just has the right feel - and doesn’t mind getting herself dirty. She’s also a perfectionist and will not use photos she’s not 100% happy with."
Unni Bakke Holtedahl, July 2018

"Simply the best pet photographer in Luxembourg... the level of details on her pictures is amazing and they are photos you will treasure for years to come.
Lisbeth clearly knows her way around dogs and it is always a pleasure to have my dog's pictures taken by her!"
Nathalie Janssen, July 2018

"Lisbeth is an amazing photographer who takes such care in her craft. She had such a great connection with my pup who doesn’t like just anyone! She is also just a lovey person. Lisbeth’s photos will be my favorite souvenir from my time in Europe!"
Nancy Bong, July 2018

"Lisbeth is a fantastic photographer and I highly recommend her!"
Anna Skippon, August 2018

"Photos turned out great!"
Antony Tony Brown, July 2018

"Helt fantastisk med både kamera og dyr "
Birgitte Bakke, July 2018

"Lisbeth's photography is not just stunning it's heartfelt and soulful. She puts her heart and soul into every photo shoot so it is not only personal for the owner but also incredibly personal for her. She takes such pride and joy in her work which is why it is so amazing. I can't rave about her enough. I have had over 6 photo shoots with her and can't get enough!"
Brie Brie, July 2018

"The best pet photographer in Luxembourg! We love you Lisbeth and we love your work. Words cannot express how fantastic it is to work with you."
Melanie Reid, July 2018

"A photographer with a lot of heart and mind who manages to create a great atmosphere for man and dog and to conjure absolutely fantastic photos. This is art! Highly Recommended!"
Verena Helfrich, July 2018

"I’ve known Lisbeth for 11 yrs and she is first of all a fantastic person and her photos are amazing. No need to say more just have a look at her pictures and you’ll see how talented she is.
We have had so much fun over the years with photo shoots of all my dogs in the day care but also private photo sessions.
Her way of capturing the motive is a memory for the rest of your life."
Ingrid Johansson, July 2018

"Super flink med hunden min og så flotte bilder vi fikk"
Kitt Bendix Marthinsen, August 2018

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