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Tips for preparing your dog for a photography session:

While my photo sessions are very relaxed, there are a few things that you can do to set up for a successful session.

  1. be sure to give your dog some exercise ( not to much) before a session, this will help him to be relaxed and focused.
  2. for long hair dogs, give them a good brush before the session.
  3. Make sure your pets eyes are clean and the nails have a proper length .
  4. I generally provide a variety of treats, but if they have any special dietary needs, please bring treats they can eat.
  5. Please feel free to bring any favorite toys .
  6. Consider being included in a few photographs with your pet. If you would like to, please wear solid colored clothing. Please avoid bold patterns such as stripes, or clothing with writing on it.
  7. Leashes, collars and harness: If your dog will be wearing a collar or harness throughout the entire session, be sure that it’s the one you really like and want to see in your images.
  8. Keeping your pet on leash is totally fine, if you don’t want to see the leach in your photos, we can try to minimize it while shooting, and it can be removed in the images you purchase.
  9. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
  10. Normally the ideal time for the shooting will be early morning or late afternoon, this to ensure the best quality of the light.

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